Saturday, July 31, 2010

And a quick apology...

To all who have commented recently, I didn't realise! I will rectify that immediately!

Busy days!

Kyle's had a busy week - he started off Monday having some tests done in preparation for his upcoming surgery.

He was a complete champ while having his bladder and bowel functions tested, especially compared to how he fared in a similar test a couple of months back. He also behaved excellently during his muscle test, which he passed mostly with flying colors, with the exception of some left leg laziness, and some mommy/tummy time laziness...oops!

The rest of the week didn't go so well, both Kyle and I have been laid up with a cold, which has become bronchiolitis for Kyle. He's doing much better today, thanks to the insanely noisy nebuliser I had to have delivered yesterday and treat him with every 4-6 hours. He only had to be on it for a day and I had to buy this honking great thing! What a waste! But he's doing better which is all that matters. He's also weighing in a whopping 17lbs 9oz, which while still massive, has put him a little lower on the percentile chart. He's at 97 rather than above it, but it's a start!

So it should only be a week or two before we have the untethering surgery scheduled. I will be glad when it's all over.

And Kiki starts school in 3 short weeks! Where has the time gone! School supply shopping will be starting as soon as the sales tax holiday starts next week. The hunt for weird named pencils begins once again...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kyle gets a workout!


Kyle has been busy on the super cute baby gym that Auntie Erin gave him. He loves it!

We had to pare down all the attachments as he gets easily over-stimulated but he's enjoying what's on there right now. Of course his favorite piece is the trusty old 'baby in the mirror'. He has been caught more than a few times in recent days flirting with himself in his carseat mirror!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

And speaking of gestational diabetes...

Look at this monster - no wonder he was 10lbs!

97th percentile? Eek!

Kyle had his 2 month checkup this week.

Drum roll please...16lbs 3oz, and 25 inches long! Which puts him squarely in the 97th percentile for both height and weight. Frankly I'm shocked. I understood when he was born big with the gestational diabetes and all, but he isn't showing any signs of slowing down! If he continues on the same track, he'll be a good 23lbs by 6 months, and as many as 29 inches. Yikes!

Which isn't exactly why we did this, but on Monday we bought a bigger car. We traded in my beautiful Escape and John's cursed Fusion and got a fabulous Ford Edge. It's glittery and everything! Here she is...

Going to one car is a bit of a sacrifice, but all of the medical bills we've had this year have done a bit of a number on our savings so having one less car to pay for is going to be a big help. So far we've managed fine, and it should get easier once Kiki is back in school in the fall.

But I do miss my he is for old time's sake...