Friday, May 21, 2010

Kyle's 2 week birthday update

Kyle had his 2 week checkup yesterday, and amazingly he has put on almost a pound and half in the last 9 days, to weigh in at a colossal 10lbs and 11 oz! He is outgrowing everything we have, from clothes, to swaddles, to bottles. It has been quite an adventure having a baby that weighs the same at 2 weeks as your other child did at 2 months but we're getting used to it!

This week has been quite difficult, as we struggled with breastfeeding and sleeping. But the pediatrician had some great ideas on how we can get the sleeping down, and the switch to formula is getting better as the week progresses.

On Wednesday Erin and Sonia took the long drive up to come and visit, which was great. It's so nice to have someone other than John or a medical professional to talk to! Sonia has just celebrated her first birthday (which was also Kyle's official due date!), and it reminded me of how quickly they grow up. It's been a long time since I did all of this with Kiki, so being around a one year old is good practice! Sonia is so well-behaved, I love spending time with her. She was smiling and goofing around for all the other customers while we were at lunch, it was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to post some photos this weekend from their visit so check back later.

I also got my driving privileges back yesterday which has been awesome! I have had to make sure I didn't get too ahead of myself and overdo it, just sticking to the supermarket and a quick run to Babies R Us today.

My flip video camera came this week so hopefully I will be able to get some video to post in the next few days too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kyle's 1 week birthday update!

Today Kyle is a whole week old - it's hard to believe that just one week ago I was tied to a hospital bed with weird socks pumping the circulation around my legs and trying my hardest to keep a piece of white toast inside my stomach. I think the weirdest part of a c-section is the immediate recovery period, where you are basically incapacitated and reliant on strangers, who are witnessing you in your most undignified state!

Since we brought him home on Sunday we've been to the pediatrician, where he passed with flying colors, having already gained 2.5 oz since being discharged, taken him for his first Olive Garden lunch and picked up his birth certificate.

He's still breastfeeding well, and is doing a great job of holding his head up for a few seconds here and there. He's even got the beginnings of a roll going when he lays on his playmat!

Here he is enjoying his first bath...

Monday, May 10, 2010


Last week we welcomed baby Kyle to our family, and today we are welcoming our new blog!

We hope to make more of an effort to keep a record of what Kiki and Kyle are up to as they figure out how to be brother and sister, so stay tuned for news and fun stuff that they will hopefully get up to in the coming months!

First stop - Kyle's first doctor's appointment tomorrow...when we'll find out exactly how well breastfeeding has been going!