Friday, January 7, 2011

4 month post-op checkup went well!

This week I met with Kyle's neurosurgeon to discuss the results from the followup MRI we had done just before Christmas and the tests we had done a couple of weeks before, and with the exception of the bladder test that he hasn't gotten back yet, everything looks great!

I still don't know what's going on with the urologist, she hasn't called me and as she hadn't passed the results on to the neurosurgeon he couldn't help either. But he was surprised since everything else looked good, so we'll have to see what the renal ultrasound shows.

He also had a card for us, from the family we shared a room with when Kyle had his surgery! It was such a nice surprise, and they left photos for us too. We will definitely be keeping in touch which is really nice, it's also good to see how each of the kids are doing as a comparison because they were the same age and size and had the same procedure.

In other news we are busy planning Kiki's birthday party, which she decided she wanted at the local bowling alley. It's quite an undertaking, I have new respect for the other parents that have invited us previously. The worst thing is they all seem to be coming!