Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kyle at 4 months

Ok he's going to be 5 months next week but he had his official 4 month check up this week.

So at almost 5 months he weighs just under 21 pounds and is 27.5 inches tall. Still well above the 97th percentile line on the little chart!

He also started solid foods this week, beginning with rice cereal. He is a born natural at the solid eating game, he took to slurping off a spoon right away. I was quite surprised but happy too, because Caitlin hated spoons for the longest time. Next up - apples!

He will have a follow up MRI in December to check on the progress of his surgery, but for now he's doing great. And he's allowed his first bath in 3 weeks tomorrow!

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  1. hey! i hope your son is still recovering well. i just noticed you were entering some of my gdiaper giveaways on and you did 3 entries in one- they dont count separately unless you enter each as a sep. comment. you also didn't leave an email for me to get in touch!! :o) please feel free to add 2 more entries in for newsletter and whichever it was FB or twitter if you'd like . i just feel bad if someone doesnt get the entries they qualify for