Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day! Times two!

Up here in the sticks it's virtually unheard of to have two snow days in a row so it's certainly worth posting about!

The worst of the blizzard happened overnight, which meant it was quite noisy so I didn't sleep too well. I could hear the wind blowing at the back patio doors and I did fear they might actually blow open a few times but it seemed like they were fine. So I was quite surprised to discover a little snow pile on the inside of the doors about halfway through the morning!

The snow wasn't too deep but once the snow removal guys started moving it the piles got pretty huge. Caitlin was loving playing out in it!

I'm pretty sure school will be open on Friday, since they so rarely close here. A good job too because it's way too cold for them to play outside and we all know how boring staying at home all day is!

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