Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 week update - a little bit late!

My apologies for the delay in posting Kyle's 3 week update, it's been busy around here!

No doctor's visit last week so there aren't any official stats, but I'm certain that our little monkey is well into the 11lb range by now. On the eating front, he's doing a lot better, and on the sleeping front too. He's only waking at around 1am and 4am now, since daddy discovered the wonder of the swaddle.

Now we started out with the Kiddapotamus swaddles, the ones with the velcro on them, I saw my friend Erin using them for her daughter and they looked awesome. In fact they were awesome, until Little Dude figured out how to kick his way out of one, and kick his way into being very upset. I ended up buying these amazing swaddle cloths from www.adenandanais.com, they are basically big muslin squares not unlike the 'diaper cloths' we used back in Europe for everything but diapering. John has become the master swaddler, he can pack this baby so tight in this blanket, it's like a magic spell. It literally is like a spell because the moment it goes on, Kyle falls asleep! I took a photo tonight of Kyle in his swaddle but it's not very clear. I'll try to take a better one once he's having a daytime nap in one.

In other news, we took Kyle to the beach for the first time this weekend. We have an amazing beach here in our village, here is a photo I took last summer of Kiki on our first trip there.

I didn't get any photos this weekend as it was a bit cooler down there than we anticipated so I was too busy trying to keep Kyle warm! Hopefully we will be back down there soon enough.

Tomorrow Kiki has her first 'field day' at school so me and my Flip camera will be in action down there, stay tuned for that. And of course Kyle's 1 month birthday is almost here...

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