Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The not so good news...

Last night the doctor called me to say that Kyle does have tethered cord syndrome. So now we have to move onto the next step, which is meeting with the neurosurgeons and then having the eventual surgery done.

Tethered cord syndrome basically is where the spinal cord is attached to the spine, instead of being 'free-floating' as it should be. At this age there shouldn't be any side-effects but as he grows older the attachment of the spine could cause several irreversible problems so it's good that it was caught at this early age, giving us a chance to correct it before any damage is done.


It's been quite a stressful few weeks. I'm still a little in shock about it all to be honest, especially since it didn't show up on any of the endless tests I had done while pregnant. The thought of having to put your baby through surgery, and neurosurgery at that, is not a nice one.

On the bright side, Kiki started summer break today! Although it is raining, so it's going to be summer break, English-style, which basically means being stuck inside all day. Boo! I'm still debating whether to enroll her in the park district day camp which starts next week, but I'm leaning towards yes right now!

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