Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick 4 week update

OK it's only been 2 days since my last post but it's been a busy 2 days.

Kiki's field day was cancelled for rain yesterday, and today she has been diagnosed with strep throat. So she is going to be home for the next couple of days, and will miss her first ever field day which is really a shame. But she's feeling better already since she got to stay in bed and watch movies for a few hours.

On top of which, Kyle's spinal ultrasound came back showing some areas of concern so he has to go for an MRI now, for possible tethered cord syndrome. And of course, I am having a major ordeal trying to get Children's Memorial to sort their stupid referral department out, as I seem to do every time I have to get something scheduled. Why do doctors have to make everything so difficult sometimes? Hopefully the MRI (when I eventually get an appointment) will come back fine, or we will have at least caught it early enough for it to not be a problem.

On the bright side, all the kidney tests that the two of them had done last week all came back great, and Kyle does not have urinary reflux! Woot!

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