Monday, June 28, 2010

Kyle update

Last week we met with Kyle's neurosurgeon who scheduled a bunch of tests that he needs to have done before we can schedule his surgery. It should be sometime in August, so I will keep you updated on that. He's still not showing any signs of any problems so we're hoping that the surgery will be more preventative than anything.

Kiki has been enjoying her first week of summer camp, she has been swimming everyday which meant I had to go buy her a bunch more swimsuits! They have a field trip to the Wheeling Waterpark this week which will be interesting...

In other news, we are signing another year's lease this week so we will be staying put for another year at the minimum. We're a little sad to not be going to Texas but it just didn't work out. With all the work Kyle needs it's probably for the best anyway. So here's to next year!


  1. Aw, Texas was on the agenda? Boo for me! But sounds best for you. :)

  2. It still potentially is, the contacts he has are still open. There's always next year!